Leadville, Colorado

My name is Lori Hall-Araujo and I study dress as a mode of communication.  I'm interested in material culture and the ways people engage with media to create meaning.  I have worked in museums and private collections to organize and curate.  My research, which I've presented and published internationally, often engages ethnographic methods.  I am currently completing the illustrated and animated manuscript for The Missing Body from the Carmen Miranda Museum.



Recent Projects

The Greeting poster

Recently wrapped The Greeting, a short film  written by Kristina Lebedeva, directed by Brian Shaw with photography by Mark Comiskey and starring Angel Smigielski.  My role: costume designer, production designer, illustrator.  https://thegreetingfilm.com/

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News & Upcoming Events

Stop-motion film Party Stick (2021) now live! Read accompanying essay here.

Resident artist at Arquetopia in Puebla, México (April 2023).

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