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Teaching from the Collections: Part 3, Claire McCardell

A month ago, Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson wrote an excellent article for The Washington Post, “A Dress for Everyone” (December 12, 2018), which was forwarded to me by multiple friends and colleagues.  Outside of fashion circles, Claire McCardell (1905-1958), is an unsung hero of 20th century American sportswear design.  Evitts Dickson’s article did the designer justi

Teaching from the Collections: Part 2

Failing is what I enjoy most about the creative process.  Let me clarify lest I sound like a masochist.  Floundering and feeling frustrated are not especially pleasant but leaping without expecting a net can lead to exhilarating and informative results.

Teaching from the Collections: Part 1

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Bonnie Cashin in her studio (undated)


The "Big Top" Exhibit

In the US we often think of museums as rarefied places brimming with all that a culture values.  Perhaps even the museum space itself is an impressive Beaux Arts beast of a building or, better still, a symphonic Frank Gehry structure singing its siren song to passersby.  Though the architecture may be seductive, increasingly pricey museum tickets are not typically spontaneous purchases like chewing gum at the grocery checkout.

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