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The "Big Top" Exhibit

In the US we often think of museums as rarefied places brimming with all that a culture values.  Perhaps even the museum space itself is an impressive Beaux Arts beast of a building or, better still, a symphonic Frank Gehry structure singing its siren song to passersby.  Though the architecture may be seductive, increasingly pricey museum tickets are not typically spontaneous purchases like chewing gum at the grocery checkout.

King’s Dough, Fool’s Gold

Earlier this year I was ditched for Lana Del Rey.  It was at the crucial point of a new friendship, you know, when you’re just becoming friends with someone and you’ve made your first set of concrete plans together?  Not casual plans like “There’s this thing (e.g. show, party, bar gathering) happening, you should come by.”  No, we’d made real plans to go to a scheduled event together.  That’s when I got ditched . . .  mere hours before we were to meet up.  Worst of all, my new “friend” told me why she was cancelling: to see Lana Del Rey perform at a record store.